Iraq’s reconstruction will need $2 billion investment

Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah mentioned in an international conference on Iraq’s reconstruction.

Kuwait blames Philippine president’s call to expel workers

A top Kuwaiti official blamed on Tuesday about a call by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Over 2,200 Filipino workers in Kuwait want to return to Philippines

  Kuwait: Over 2,200 Filipino workers have shown willingness to return to their home country.

US Secretary Rex Tillerson set to make trip to Middle East and Turkey

  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, is set to make five capital tour of.

Bitcoin value falls extensively, at least 12,000 Kuwaiti investors lose millions

As the value of Bitcoin fell extensively from $19,500 in December to beneath $8,000 in.

Kuwaiti blogger sentenced for 31 years in prison for slandering UAE

    Kuwaiti blogger, Dr Abdullah Al-Saleh, was recently sentenced to five years in prison.

Kuwait protests following derogatory remarks by Saudi adviser against Kuwait Minister

    Recently one of the senior advisor to the Saudi Royal Court, made disparaging.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun takes first Gulf Trip post shocking resignation and return of the Prime Minister

  On Tuesday Michel Oun, the Lebanese President took part the Lebanese Government’s first trip.

National Bank of Kuwait reported 5.4% rise in net profit during Q4

    Kuwait’s largest bank, the NBK recently reported 5.4% rise in Q4 net profit,.

Kuwait’s banking sector will see growth as oil prices rise in 2018 : BMI Report

  According to a new report by BMI, rising oil process in the country will.