$275m Qatar dispute adds to the financial woes of Carillion

  Carillion, a UK based multinational facilities management and construction services company, has recently faced.

Qatar Agrees to Provide Full Financial Report Disclosure Resolving the US Airline dispute

  Qatar Airways has announced it will stick to greater financial transparency and that it.

Art and Civilization Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi replaces map of Arabian Peninsula that omitted Qatar

The famous art and civilization museum The Louvre Abu Dhabi recently replaced the Gulf map.

Dispute for $275m in Qatar lead to the $275 million of Carillion

A dispute in Qatar over a project worth £200 million ($275 million) linked to the.

Reject extremism to host World Cup, Qatar must review Policies: UAE Minister,Anwar Gargash

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash made a strong statement against Qatar..

US to discuss Open Skies with Gulf governments – Transport,UAE,Qatar,Americas

The US State Department is planning talks with the UAE and Qatar to discuss allegations.

Poll shows strong US support for open skies with Gulf airlines – Transport,UAE,Qatar,Americas

A new poll commissioned by the US Airlines for Open Skies Coalition reveals strong support.

Saudi king absent from Gulf summit attended by Qatar rival – Politics & Economics,Saudi Arabia,Qatar

Saudi King Salman on Tuesday sent his foreign minister to lead the kingdom’s delegation to.

Qatari, Saudi ministers at summit talks despite Gulf spat – Politics & Economics,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Middle East

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar attended round-table talks Monday ahead of a.

Anti-terror quartet adds Qatar-backed militant suspects to blacklist – Politics & Economics,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Bahrain,Qatar,Middle East

The four countries in the anti-terrorist alliance allege that Qatari officials have funded and facilitated.