Indonesia is seeking new avenues to deploy a part of its $8 billion Haj funds

Indonesia is looking for new avenues to convey a piece of its $8 billion Haj.

Saudi Arabia inaugurate Asian Cup in style against North Korea

Three-time victors Saudi Arabia set out a marker as they heartlessly expelled 10-man North Korea.

There is optimism that the fortunes of emerging markets will fare better in 2019 – Billy Fitzherbert

A lion’s share of C-suite administrators in Saudi Arabia are hopeful about the nation’s long.

Saudi Technology Ventures led approximately $250m worth of funding rounds in 2018

Riyadh-based MENA investment support Saudi Technology Ventures (STV) drove around $250m worth of financing rounds.

India and Saudi Arabia signed five bilateral agreement for the development of few sectors

India and Saudi Arabia consented to five reciprocal arrangements in zones of venture, the travel.

Government of Saudi Arabia will free 850 Indian nationals currently imprisoned in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia has additionally expanded the quantity for Indian hajj pilgrims to 200,000. Amid his.

Saudi News: Desperate and stowing away, crumbled Saudi Oger labourers left in limbo

Almost two years after the breakdown of the development goliath Saudi Oger rendered thousands jobless,.

Export power Germany has long had a troubled relationship with selling arms abroad

Export power Germany has long had a disturbed association with selling arms abroad, an inheritance.

Saudi Arabia has announced the largest 5G commercial roll-out in the Middle East and North Africa

Saudi Arabia has declared the biggest 5G business take off in the Middle East and.

Financial technology players must get creative to win customers in Saudi Arabia

Financial technology players must get inventive to win clients in Saudi Arabia. STC Pay, an.