YugaByte raises $16 million in a new round of funding

YugaByte has raised $16 million in a new round of funding. The company aims to expand.

India based logistics automation platform Locus raises $4 Million to expand globally

  India’s logistics automation startup Locus has pulled in $4 million in funding to grow.

Facebook to Send Fewer “now connected on Messenger” Alerts

“‘You Are Now Connected On Messenger’ Is The Worst Thing On Facebook” BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos.

AirPods users to soon be able to use Live Listen feature with iOS 12

    Apple left quite a few hardware related announcements at the WWDC Keynote last.

Oxford startup Metaboards secures $5 Million in funding led by OSI

  Metaboards, an Oxford-based startup that is developing new wireless charging technology, has secured $5.

Apple Podcasts Stream 550,000 Active Shows Presently

Apple Podcasts presently hosts 550,000 active shows, a bang from the 525,000 the company reported.

Microsoft Announces The Release of Windows Collaboration Displays

  Windows Collaboration Displays are some of the most intriguing bits produced by Microsoft’s Computex.

Amazon QuickSight introduces new pay-per-session pricing plan for access

Amazon QuickSight, the company’s business intelligence tool for AWS, launched back in 2015. However  it’s.

Microsoft Azure to launch machines with 12TB RAM

Microsoft Azure has announced that it will soon offer virtual machines with as  much as.

Facebook will now let viewers find a collection of all the video games at Fb.gg gaming video hub

  Facebook has launched  Fb.gg which means the post-competition courtesy of saying “good game” —.