Amazon is acquire homework switch start-up

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TechCrunch says Amazon is conveying its delivery Lockers to Coachella

Amazon Lockers are going to another area: Coachella. The retailer says it will make its.

Bezos blames National Enquirer for constrain says TechCrunch

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s gathering of our greatest and most essential stories. On the.

Amazon reports Q4 earnings to be $72.4 billion in revenue

Amazon had a hell of a vacation. The online retail goliath posted Q4 income today,.

Amazon to capital software engineering classes in more than 130 NYC secondary schools

Following Amazon’s choice to set up one of its new central station in Long Island.

Amazon investors need the organization to quit pitching facial identification to law requirement says TechCrunch

Amazon investors are requesting the organization quit moving Recognition, the organization’s facial acknowledgment programming, to.

Amazon constructed an electronic vest to enhance specialist/robot collaborations says TechCrunch

Through the span of the most recent year, Amazon started revealing another specialist well-being wearable.

Alexa gets an expert ‘anchorperson’ voice for perusing the day’s news says TechCrunch

Amazon previously enabled Alexa to murmur, and now it’s revealing another approach to change the.

TechCrunch says Lenovo’s new tablets twofold as Alexa smart screens.

Lenovo knows a decent savvy collaborator when it sees one. The organization was one of.

Staten Island Warehouse Workers Intent to Unionize

In a newly opened Staten Island Amazon warehouse, workers have declared their intent to unionize..