Amazon Echo is the No. 1 best vendor on the site | Crunch Report

Amazon Echo is the No. 1 best vendor on the site. HQ Trivia will be taken.

Looks like Amazon and Walmart will rule the e-commerce industry in India in near future

  As India continues to expand its technology industry with each passing day, the future.

India’s largest online lender, Capital Float raises $22M in a funding round led by Amazon

Capital Float, the fintech startup that says it is India’s largest online lender, announced today.

Amazons’ Alexa Competition Winner, Pretzel Lab, Gets Their Winning Skill Removed 

  Want to know what  the prize for winning the Alexa Skills Challenge is? In.

Noble is betting artificial intelligence will become a human rights issue

  Welcome back to another marvellous chapter of CTRL+T. In present week, Henry Pickavet and.

Amazon has evidently been working on a home robot under the code name “Vesta”

  For Amazon’s new hardware trick, the firm has evidently been operating on a home.

Alexa’s routines get an upgrade allowing it to play music and more

Alexa’s routines will soon be getting a musical upgrade. First launched last year, routines were.

Amazon attempts to get ahead in the blockchain game by new AWS “Blockchain Template”service

  Amazon Web Services announced Blockchain Templates late last week, a “blockchain-as-a-service” offering that competes.

Online education pioneer, Udacity to develop new nanodegree focusing on cybersecuity

Udacity has announced that it is now developing a new nanodegree focused on security. the.

Popular drama ‘Friday Night Lights’ is now streaming on Hulu now

Popular American drama series revolving around a football team ‘Friday Night Lights’ is now streaming.