Four Oscar nominations for Netflix’s ‘Mudbound’

Good news for Oscar nominations this morning for both Amazon and Netflix. Mudbound, a Netflix.

Amazon’s new Echo, Alexa and Music Unlimited are making their way to Australia and New Zealand

  Amazon announced its plans of bringing out the Echo down under during its big.

AWS Auto Scaling Service to benefit developers greatly

Cloud Computing services offer great advantage to the developers when they can scale up to.

Crunch Report | Restriction on Telegram and Instagram in Iran

In 2017, items worth 5 billion shipped by Amazon Prime. SuperMeat gets $3 million in.

New Update on Amazon Fire TV to help viewers discover live TV Programming and more

In recent news, Amazon Fire TV will update its program which will help the viewers.

TheDream.US receives $33 million fund from Jeff Bezos for college scholarships

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million in the form.

Amazon Alexa to be implemented in Toyota cars this year

Toyota announced at CES this year that the carmaker will be offering support for Amazon.

Alexa might eventually feature adds – CNBC Reports

As per the CNBC reports, Amazon is in talks with brands and advertisers to include.

Amazon’s Voice Command Service – Alexa is Making it’s Way to Your Microwave

Amazon has made it clear that it wants to put Alexa in every room of.

This week’s episode of CTRL+T promotes Automation of Life

People are lazy. If I speak about myself, I am lazy too. So it’s no wonder.