TechCrunch says Lenovo’s new tablets twofold as Alexa smart screens.

Lenovo knows a decent savvy collaborator when it sees one. The organization was one of.

Staten Island Warehouse Workers Intent to Unionize

In a newly opened Staten Island Amazon warehouse, workers have declared their intent to unionize..

No free Echo Spot orders from Amazon

In a recent update from Amazon, the company has clarified an error which caused several.

Walmart hires ex-Epix CEO Mark Greenberg to build video streaming service

  Walmart has appointed Mark Greenberg to help build a subscription video streaming service. Rumors.

You may collaborate with others on Amazon Wish Lists in near future

E commerce company Amazon has announce that it plans to shortly add  a feature consumers have.

Amazon’s AWS grew 49 percent year-over-year IN Q2 2018

Amazon’s web services AWS has reported a growth of 49 percent year-over-year in the quarter.

Nintendo NES and SNES Available for Purchase on Amazon

  If you missed the first few rounds of zeal and zest about Nintendo’s mini.

ACLU seeks Congress attention against Amazon Rekognition

  The ACLU or The American Civil Liberties Union, a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is.

Google’s Smart Display is Available At Last to The Public

  After waiting for a long duration, the first Google Smart Display is at last.

Now you can easily move to listen to music from the Amazon Music app to Alexa all thanks to new Alexa Cast

  Amazon today announced Alexa Cast to allow for better music control on Alexa devices..