Facebook Gets Rid of “Trending” Section

  Facebook announced this morning that it will be getting rid of its often controversial.

Users will now be asked to review Facebook’s updated privacy terms and conditions

  Starting this week, Facebook will begin asking users worldwide to review their privacy settings.

Facebook Set To Reform Two-Factor Verification

Facebook is all set to make the process for two-factor verification on its platform much.

Polgreen was most emphatic on the requirement for free or low-cost content online

As Lydia Polgreen observes it, society is presently split into media haves and have nots,.

Instagram made a long overdue modification to its product

Instagram today made a long overdue modification to its product that social media managers have.

Instagram brought advertising to Instagram Stories

It’s been less than a year as long as Instagram brought advertising to Instagram Stories.

Sir Martin has a uniquely privileged insight into the future of the online advertising industry

Andrew Keen is the author of three books: Digital Vertigo, Cult of the Amateur and.

Google Announces New Set of Policies Regarding Election Advertisements

Google announced a new set of policies on Friday related to how it will verify.

Facebook Launches New Tool To Warn Users About Phishing Attempts

  Phishing seems like a problem that is here to stay, so I welcome any.

Facebook To Come Up With New Technology To Make VR Avatars More Photo-Realistic

Facebook wants you to look and even move like you in Virtual Reality, even if.