Chairman and chief executive of Emirates airline’s Sheikh Ahmed says “to reduce costs in the long-term that investments in technology would help it.”

To help it try and reduce costs Dubai-based Emirates airline is investing in technological advances,.

Google’s new Stadia game controller has a couple of traps up its sleeves says TechCrunch

Google’s Stadia game-streaming platform deals with various screens, however Google needs to give you a.

AWS is launching new G4 instances with support for Nvidia’s T4 Tensor Core GPUs

In the coming weeks, AWS is propelling new G4 occurrences with help for Nvidia’s T4.

Google recorded a foldable telephone patent application, as well says TechCrunch

Does a patent application mean an organization is especially genuine about an innovation? No. Is.

Huawei has constructed an Android elective on the off chance that US strains increment – TechCrunch

Strains between the U.S. also, Huawei hint at no facilitating. A week ago, the gadgets.

Alphabet’s self-driving vehicle subsidiary Waymo may raise outside capital

Alphabet’s self-driving vehicle auxiliary Waymo may raise outside capital out of the blue at a.

Google paid $105 million to two administrators blamed for lewd behavior says TechCrunch

Google paid an aggregate of $105 million to Andy Rubin and Amit Singhal after they.

Google to start a ‘Chromebook App Hub’ for instructive applications and exercise thoughts says TechCrunch

Google today reported an extension of its instructive activities with the Chromebook App Hub from.

Slope Ventures, Google’s AI subsidize, drives $7M interest in English learning application Elsa says TechCrunch

Google’s Gradient Ventures, the inquiry monster’s devoted AI finance, is throwing its eye to Asia.

Baidu’s video site iQiyi includes 37 Million supporters in 2018 in the midst of mounting misfortunes says TechCrunch

China’s Baidu, which is regularly contrasted with Alphabet’s Google, is hinting at no backing off.