Google makes it less demanding to discover doctor prescribed medication transfer locales says TechCrunch

With an end goal to battle the narcotic emergency, Google will start naming spots where.

Google’s blend cloud stage is presently in beta says TechCrunch

Last July, at its Cloud Next gathering, Google declared the Cloud Services Platform, its first.

You would now be able to enlist .dev spaces says TechCrunch

Google today reported that you would now be able to enlist .dev space names. Google.

Google secures cloud relocation stage Alooma says TechCrunch

Google today reported its expectation to obtain Alooma, an organization that enables undertakings to consolidate.

As GE and Amazon proceed onward, Google extends nearness in Boston and NYC says TechCrunch

NYC and Boston were given gigantic setbacks this week when Amazon and GE chose to.

Google says it’ll put $13B in US server farms and workplaces this year says TechCrunch

Google today reported that it will put $13 billion in server farms and workplaces over.

Google provides Gmail a new right-click menu

Google is giving Gmail another right-click menu. What’s more and it’s about time. While you’ve.

Google Docs gets an API for mechanization function

Google today reported the general accessibility of another API for Google Docs that will enable.

Google makes it less demanding for moderate telephones and brilliant gadgets to encode your information says TechCrunch

Encryption is an essential piece of the entire verifying your-information bundle, yet it’s anything but.

TechCrunch says Google’s as yet not sharing cloud income

Google has shared its cloud income precisely once in the course of the most recent.