You can now discover all Google Assistant actions, thanks to a new directory page by Google

It is often seen that users do not often know how to get the full.

Google’s Google Pay will help your payment more faster and easier

Google is simplifying the different payment tools to consumers by uniting all of all them.

Google’s Project Zero Team Detected a Bug Last Year – They’re Working on it Now

  In a blog post published few days ago, Google’s Security team declared what they.

Google’s begins to rank websites using mobile-first search index

Google has begun the process to rank website pages using a mobile first search index..

Voice-enabled devices to make search more easier and accurate

Report by Lisa Lacy: In spite of the presence of massive number of voice enabled.

Google’s Tacotron 2 simplifies teaching an AI to speak

Producing convincing artificial speech is a hot chase right now, with Google arguably in the.

The technology industry needs to get serious about device addiction

Mobile programmers have the ability to build software that provides deep layers of penetration to.

Google to block annoying and intrusive ads in Chrome from February 15

How many times have annoying ads on websites bothered us? Websites all over the internet.

Know What people were surfing in 2017

  Few metrics in the world are developed which not only provide the insight into.

Kubernetes created a vibrant ecosystem in 2017

Kubernetes is the orchestration engine that underlies how operations staff deploy and manage containers at.