No more bothersome videos that autoplay with sound in Google Chrome

  Google Chrome users can now rejoice as blaring videos that autoplay with a loud.

Google plans to purchase Xively from LogMeIn for $50 million

Google announced today that it plans to purchase Xively from LogMeIn for $50 million, offering Google Cloud.

Google’s nonprofit Arts and Culture arm is making partnership with Oakland-based CyArk to capture photographs of historical sites

  Indiana Jones’ exclamation of, “It belongs in a museum!” is taking a trip into.

Seven-year export restriction on goods sporting U.S. components

  Yesterday was a rough one for ZTE. A year after requesting guilty to violating.

All you need to know about the new Gmail

    The new Gmail looks like a hybrid between the current Gmail interface and.

Developing conversational interfaces is a trending new region for developers

  Developing conversational interfaces is a trending new region for developers. Chatbots can be a.

Facebook’s latest blog post slams other companies for data collection

In the light of the latest Cambridge Analytica scandal and the data collection criticism faced.

What will be the next Android name? Google keeps us guessing

There has been all sorts of speculations about the next Android’s name. Reportedly it will.

LG opens Software Upgrade Center in Korea to bring latest updates of Android at a faster pace to its users

  LG  recently  opened a “Software Upgrade Center” in its native Korea in efforts to  improve.

New Google Cloud feature allows users to monitor and optimize how their data flows into their networks

Thanks to a new move by Google, users will be able to get more insights.