Fritz also provides a number of standard models for object detecting

It is one thing to operate machine learning models in the cloud, where you have.

Google has made notable investments in consortium-driven cables that span the Atlantic and the Pacific

Similar to all major internet firms, Google frequently take part in constructing latest subsea cables.

Google provides two dedicated interconnects to Equinix’s and CoreSite’s local LA1 data centers

Google Cloud’s recent area in Los Angeles is at present online, the firm reported today..

Google obtained API management service Apigee back in 2016,

Google obtained API management service Apigee previous in 2016, but it is been pretty quiet.

Google Pay’s several key upgrades go live now

Google’s   digital wallet platform and online payment system Google Pay recently announced that its several key.

iOS Users With Alexa Will Now Be Able To Control Alexa With Voice

  At the beginning of the 2018, Amazon brought voice control to its Alexa app.

Google Cloud’s much anticipated Los Angeles region to go live this July

Google has for a ling time eyed to open  a second region on the U.S..

Now you can measure distances and areas with Google Earth

Although Google Maps pretty much offers all of the mapping features that casual users need,.

Google Classrooms The new key updates of google

Recently Google added some new key updates to google Classrooms, the free, browser-based educational software.

Google to Increase Potential of Android Parental Control Software, FamilyLink

  Google is increasing the potential of its Android parental control software, Family Link, to.