Microsoft Announces The Release of Windows Collaboration Displays

  Windows Collaboration Displays are some of the most intriguing bits produced by Microsoft’s Computex.

Microsoft Azure to launch machines with 12TB RAM

Microsoft Azure has announced that it will soon offer virtual machines with as  much as.

Gartner has predicted that at least 20 billion connected devices will be online in 2020

  If you have an essential Internet of Things device running Windows 10 IoT Core.

Microsoft all set to acquire coding site Github

  Microsoft is all set to acquire the popular coding site GitHub. Bloomberg is citing “people.

AWS Releases New Pay-Per-Session Plan

  Amazon QuickSight, the company’s business intelligence tool for AWS, was released a few years.

Microsoft to Release Adaptive Controller for Gamers With Disabilities

  Every gamer with a certain disability comes across exclusive challenges for many reasons, one.

‘R.AI,’ a ‘Palantir for music royalties’ is the latest tool launched by Exactuals

Exactuals, a software service offering payments management for the music industry, is debuting R.AI, a new.

Microsoft Creates A New Way to Put AI to Work – Screenshot Snipping

  A team of Microsoft interns have created a new way which would put Artificial.

Walmart buys 77% stake in Indian e-retail service Flipkart

  Walmart has bought a controlling stake in India’s Flipkart. This isn’t a straight-up acquisition, however,.

Microsoft Plans to Make its Store More Efficient

In the broken world full of spams, that is PC software downloads, Microsoft is planning.