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Microsoft today reported another activity that joins under a solitary umbrella the majority of the.

Microsoft has shared more information and the first look at Project xCloud

Microsoft has shared some more data and the first look at Project xCloud. The organization.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI lets blind and limited-vision folks convert visual data into audio feedback

Microsoft’s Seeing AI is an application that lets visually impaired and constrained vision people convert.

Microsoft CEO guards take a shot at half-billion-dollar HoloLens military contract says TechCrunch

Microsoft won’t stop its work on an almost half-billion-dollar government contract intended to convey HoloLens.

Microsoft promised to keep the HoloLens ecosystem open

At its MWC keynote in Barcelona today, Microsoft guaranteed to keep the HoloLens ecosystem open..

AR is going to be the primary platform of the future for both work and entertainment

Microsoft finished off the present huge HoloLens 2 debut with an unexpected appearance by Epic.

Microsoft is hoping to get down to business with the next version of HoloLens

Microsoft is truly planning to get serious with the following form of the HoloLens. Truth.

First spilled pictures of Microsoft’s recent HoloLens – TechCrunch

Microsoft is planned to hold a noteworthy question and answer session at MWC Barcelona later.

Microsoft bringing Dynamics 365 blended reality answers for cell phones says TechCrunch

A year ago Microsoft presented a few blended reality business arrangements under the Dynamics 365.

Microsoft video insults HoloLens 2 in front of MWC take off says TechCrunch

One of Mobile World Congress’ most foreseen uncovers isn’t a telephone by any means. Microsoft.