Microsoft’s Mixer launches new feature, “Direct Purchase”

Microsoft recently announced a new feature for its game streaming service, Mixer,  called “Direct Purchase.”.

Spotify might enter into the world of hardware manufacturing, a new job listing suggests

A new job listing by Spotify suggests that the company might be taking a first.

HoloLens manufactured by Microsoft is now available to rent

Microsoft has spent much of the past couple of years arguing its vision of an.

A $799 Surface Laptop by Microsoft might boost sales

In attempts to boost sales post holiday season, Microsoft has come with a strategy to.

Microsoft acquires gaming services startup PlayFab to integrate Microsoft’s Azure gaming group.

To boost its Azure platform and increase growth in gaming sector, Microsoft has bought startup.

Microsoft’s Mixer Adds new Features to it’s App, Making it Profitable to Users

  Mixer, Microsoft developed and rival to ‘Twitch’, will soon allow its streamers to start.

Microsoft lowers the price of its Azure Standard Support to $100 per month along with shortened response time

In a new business development by Microsoft it has reduced the cost its Azure services’.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds gains 4 million players on Xbox

People are liking Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a game where you basically re-enact a version of.

Xbox Watch now showcased with the Photos

Needless to say Microsoft, along with the rest of the tech world, was working on.

This just might be Amazon’s Year to take a Lead in Online Advertising

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