Microsoft acquires gaming services startup PlayFab to integrate Microsoft’s Azure gaming group.

To boost its Azure platform and increase growth in gaming sector, Microsoft has bought startup.

Crunch Report | Google has planned for a patent deal with Tencent

Google has planned for a patent deal with Tencent. 30 people laid off by Tile..

Amazon’s new Echo, Alexa and Music Unlimited are making their way to Australia and New Zealand

  Amazon announced its plans of bringing out the Echo down under during its big.

Countries are Now Taking Action Against Apple for Slowing iPhones

  Apple is fighting through after it’s confession of slowing down older iPhones, now over.

Microsoft’s Mixer Adds new Features to it’s App, Making it Profitable to Users

  Mixer, Microsoft developed and rival to ‘Twitch’, will soon allow its streamers to start.

Google CEO still Thinks Firing James Damore for what he did is Right

  Google CEO Sundar Pichai on being asked about the termination of James Damore says he.

Update in the design of Apple App Store

9to5Mac first reported that Apple has updated the look of its web-based App Store. It.

Microsoft lowers the price of its Azure Standard Support to $100 per month along with shortened response time

In a new business development by Microsoft it has reduced the cost its Azure services’.

AWS Auto Scaling Service to benefit developers greatly

Cloud Computing services offer great advantage to the developers when they can scale up to.

Google announces a patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese tech giant Tencent.

  In a new business deal Google just announced a patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese.