Samsung buys Opera Max browser app saving it from oblivion

After deciding to discontinue the Opera max browser last year, one of the first data.

Samsung to include bokeh camera effects in all the phones

Portrait mode-style bokeh camera features has greatly been the realm of high-end flagships to this.

Apple’s tablet market grows despite decline in overall tablet market sales

According to a report published by IDC, overall tablet market is on a decline worldwide..

South Korean high court suspends bribery sentence, Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Lee leaves prison

Samsung vice chairman and the company’s heir apparent Jay Y. Lee, son of Samsung’s Chairman.

Samsung reveals it will be manufacturing ASIC chips used to mine Cryptocurrency

In recent news, Samsung has revealed its plans to manufacture ASIC chips which are used.

Samsung now world’s largest chip-maker, against Intel

Samsung the world’s biggest seller of chipsets after it posted its 2017 end of year.

Complaints against Apple on slow iPhone batteries

Apple continues to get warmer to over a power management feature that choke performance on.

Xiaomi marked as top India’s smartphone market by successfully beating Samsung

Xiaomi couldn’t have waited for better timing of two reports that claim it has become.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be announced at Mobile World Congress in February

  DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business, revealed at a CES 2018 event that.

Another profit record expected by Samsung in the fourth-quarter

Another record profit for Samsung Electronics expected for the final quarter of 2017. But there.