Number of Student Enrolment in Private Schools Increased

  The number of students who enrolled in private schools in Dubai increased from 273,599.

Most expensive school in Dubai is considered the recently opened North London Collegiate School

Dubai’s private schools earned AED 7.5 billion ($2.04 billion) in revenue from tuition fees in.

Facebook Creates Alliance With MBRSC at AUD for Blueprint Program

  Facebook has combined with the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) at the.

Plans to freeze salary raise for teachers by GEMS Education

Blackstone Group-backed GEMS Education aims to freeze salary raise for teachers and clip corporate jobs.

Department of Transport withdraws the permit of a driver after putting pupil in danger

  The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) said on Tuesday it has revoked the.

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Announces Establishment of $27.2M for the Education of Refugees

  Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, a Emirati businessman and philanthropist, has declared the arrangement of.

Students at UAE University Create Special Bracelets to Reduce Risk of Drowning

  Students at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) are creating a new high-tech device.

ASGC Launches Labour Academy Up Skilling Hundreds of Workers

  ASGC, the UAE-based construction group which has some of the major projects including the.

Abu Dhabi Agrees to Launch New Schools with Annual Fees Starting From AED 20K

  The Abu Dhabi Executive Committee has agreed to a pitch to launch new schools,.

Dubai: GEMS Educations will likely delay IPO following school fees freeze warning

GEMS Education, the Dubai-based school operator backed by Blackstone Group, is planning to delay an.