UAE’s attorney general has ordered the arrest of an Asian Cup video posting social media

In the video, the suspects were shown ordering a group of Asian people, which they.

6-Islamic militants hidden in a region between the southern areas of Sohag and Assyat has been killed by Egyptian security forces

CAIRO: Egypt’s interior ministry says that the security forces have killed six Islamic militants in.

Facebook is a new nonsense-Tech-Crunch

Welcome to 2019, where we learn that Facebook is a new nonsense. Sorry #Delete Facebook,.

An average of 59,000 people are going to cinemas in Saudi Arabia each month

A normal of 59,000 individuals are going to films in Saudi Arabia every month since.

“Black Panther” won the top prize at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Ground-breaking superhero blockbuster “Black Panther” on Sunday won the top prize at the Screen Actors.

New launching of YouTube Music and Premium has announced in India

YouTube Music for streaming music services is coming to the next critical battlefield :in India..

Henry VIII’s warship reveal the multicultural nature of Tudor England

New evidence from mainland Europe and possibly as far afield as north Africa has revealed.

Arabian Business – 2019-5-13 –

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Amazon Prime subscribers with the launch of Dream-Works TV on Amazon Channels

Awesomeness, in 2016 the digital media company acquired by Comcast for $3.8 billion , including.

New launch of Snap-chat.. on-demand geofilter program &Custom Lenses Create-Your-Own-Lens maker

By combining augmented reality with your customization captions, while earning it a little money Snapchat.