Ukip leader Gerard Batten spreads Islamophobia with blatant remarks on Prophet Muhammad

  Gerard Batten, a British politician and leader of the UK Independence Party  and a.

All you need to know about Donald Trump’s UK Visit

UK is all set to host Donald Trump  this month. What may rather be said.

Bill of Data Rights in the Digital Environment

2 hours before This liveblog has at present shutdown- thanks for following. You can see spotlight.

Theresa May – “NHS Staff Are Rightly Proud of What They Do “

Theresa May states that the staff at NHS are “rightly proud of what they do,.

“Time is not on our side.”, A Group of MPs Warn Theresa May

  An extension of Article 50 may be necessary to avert the UK from crashing.

Theresa May’s Awkward Encounter With The Duke of Cambridge

    Prime Minister, Theresa May recently greeted Prince William with a pretty out of.

New fast track plans will allow graduates to become detectives in just 12 weeks

University graduates will be trained to become detectives in 12 weeks under new fast-tracked plans.

MPs one step closer to knocking over Northern Ireland’s abortion ban

  MPs have gotten one step closer to voting on knock over Northern Ireland’s near-total.

Gordon Brown Says Theresa May Might be Forced Out of The Government

Theresa May might be forced out if the government loses an important vote this week.

Leading Brexit Campaigners Refuse to Show Up to A Questioning

Leading Brexit campaigners have extracted themselves out of a questioning by MPs with claims they were.