UK: Education secretary Angela Rayner pledges to end the “scandal” of teaching assistants getting paid minimum wages

Labour is pledging to prevent academies paying teaching assistants “poverty wages” while chief executives take home six-figure.

The cost to the UK economy of cutting migration from the EU would swallow up the benefits of a US trade deal

  The cost to the UK economy of stopping migration from the EU would end.

Fifty-thousand people were kept waiting in ambulances outside A&E in the previous week

  If you want to be a Smart Alec, you do not have to be.

They believe Brexit is bad for them and us says Mr Umunna

  The EU would assist the UK abandon Brexit if it modified its mind, as.

Henry Bolton has been emitted as the leader of Ukip at an emergency conference

  Henry Bolton has been emitted as the leader of Ukip at an emergency conference,.

Labour repeats its calls for Ms Amber Rudd to quit

  Amber Rudd is being summoned back to the parliament after twice appearing to give MPs false information. She is.

UK: New political amendment could grant grandparents right to have access to their grandchildren post a divorce

A new amendment may enshrine the right of a grandparent to see their grandchildren after.

UK: Government to review alcohol licensing in efforts to minimise alcohol related violence

Ministers are set to launch a crackdown on the causes of alcoholf uelled violence as.

Cambridge Analytica Accused Of Misusing Voters’ Personal Data From Facebook

  As the pressure for a fresh public vote on the exit deal increases, a.

Guy Verhofstadt has openly mocked the UK’s decision to bring back blue passports

Nadine Dorries tells, ‘Sadly, some people seem to think it’s shameful and wrong to be.