Cows Could be the Largest Mammals on Earth with Such Pace of Extinction

  If extinction continues at the same pace as it is going today, cows could become the.

Alien Interstellar asteroid “Oumuamua” wandering in our Solar system, Scientists confirm

Scientists have seen the first alien object flying through our own solar system. The strange, long,.

205 million-year-old bone belonging to a gigantic underwater reptile, “one of the largest animals ever” discovered

A jaw bone belonging to a gigantic underwater reptile has been identified as belonging to.

FBI solves 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy’s case, severed head belonged governor Djehutynakht

A century-long mystery over the identity of a 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy has finally been solved.

Scientists discover Puffins have hidden fluorescent beaks that shine like glow sticks under UV light

For a long time scientists have suspected that Puffins’ colorful beaks are a form of.

New discovery of nitrogen sources in Earth bedrock could “open up a new era of research on this essential nutrient”

In what is being called a massive discovery, a team of scientists have found new.

Japanese study suggests smokers at higher risk of hearing loss

A recent report from the researchers at Japanese Kyoto University has revealed that smoking is.

Interstitium; recently discovered organ could reveal more information about cancer

Scientists have identified a new human organ hiding in plain sight, in a discovery they.

Researchers at Kyoto University reveal that hot springs reduce stress in Japanese snow monkeys

  Scientists observing a group of monkeys famous for bathing in hot springs have found.

Short on prey, Dolphins forced to break into nets to find food in northern Cyprus

  A new research has found that dolphins short on prey are resorting to underhand.