UAE-based electronics retail firm, Ecity plans to expand with Abu Dhabi Store

UAE-based electronics retail firm, Ecity, plans to expand with the introduction of the Abu Dhabi.

With increasing price of $ 16 million “Send-Bird” has given a developers tools to quickly roll out chat functionality

If you go to any company’s website these days, you may start to see some.

Facebook tricked children into spending money on in-app games, court documents reveal

Facebook intentionally enabled kids to burn through cash on its stage without their folks learning,.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning become essential for sales….

If you are selling sales, customer service and marketing software, especially in large enterprises so.

Task Soli: Google’s modern intend to supplant catches and touchscreens advances go-beyond

Google has received approval from US regulators to deploy a futuristic technology that allows smart.

‘Whenever we fly, we fly on Mars’: Nasa to fly helicopter on red planet to uncover puzzles of Martian surface

NASA has effectively tried a helicopter that is will undoubtedly fly on Mars, it has.

UK pornography square: Anger becomes over confounding rollout of prohibition on free grown-up destinations

Dissatisfaction is proceeding to develop with the UK’s new pornography squares, which would restrict anybody.

Spotify Premium ‘Team’ signifies individuals would now be able to combine up to share their memberships

Spotify has propelled another offer that at last enables you to impart your membership to.

Hostile to antibody posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could be restricted under new UK laws

The UK government is thinking about new standards to restrict any enemy of immunization posts.

Web not working or broadband taking too long to even consider installing? Organizations guarantee programmed discounts for system issues

Broadband clients who are having internet problems are going to begin getting discounts – without.