Guide to the Manta and Devil Rays of the World : Today’s Trending Book

  This captivating novel in Arabic by Aziz Mohammed, a Saudi author and blogger from.

London Arabia Art and Fashion Week sees strong impressions from Gulf designers

London Arabia Art and Fashion Week rolled out with full glamour last week in Britain..

Paws & Claws , First Mobile Pet-Grooming Service in Saudi Arabia

  JEDDAH: Paws & Claws asserts to be the first mobile pet-grooming service in Saudi.

Book Review: Philipp Ther’s ‘Europe Since 1989: A History’

Philipp Ther is a German contemporary historian, cultural scientist and university professor at the University.

Book Review : Galápagos: Life in Motion

  The Galápagos Islands are home to an amazing variety of iconic creatures, from giant.

Harry Triguboff Fined with A$3 Million For Misleading Customers

SYDNEY: The Australian hotel operator owned by billionaire Harry Triguboff was fined with A$3 million.

Standing Soldiers, A Book About The Horrible Time of Slavery

  Mon, 2018-07-30 21:30 Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves explores history of slavery and its how.

Movie Review: Dwayne Johnson starrer ‘Skyscraper’

 Rawson Marshall Thurber’s American action film “Skyscraper” is not just a baseless action movie. The.

Theodore Porter’s Genetics in the Madhouse sheds light on the hidden history behind modern genetics

Theodore Porter’s Genetics in the Madhouse is indeed a book worth reading which aims to shed.

Human Spatial Navigation by 4 experts , Book Review

  Humans seize a variety of navigation and orientation abilities, from the ordinary to the.