John Stamos’ fiancee robbed off jewellery worth $165,000 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Several pieces of valuable jewelry were stolen on Friday from a room in Beverly Hills.

Actor Paul Rudd Receives the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award

Actor and screenwriter Paul Rudd received his 2018 Man of the Year award from the.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Rihanna raise millions of dollars to support education

  In efforts to promote global education, French President Emmanuel Macron and famous singer Rihanna.

World record of opening World’s Longest Zip Line, measuring 2.83 kilometers in length

  RAS AL-KHAIMAH: The United Arab Emirates has set a new world record by opening.

Mobile app to offer audio guides to the Dubai’s landmarks and historical sites for tourists

Every year UAE experiences  a large influx of tourists form all parts of the globe..

German Police is Chasing Thieves of 44 Tons of Chocolate

Yes, you read it right! A bunch of thieves stole 44 tons of chocolate. The.

Aspiring Actress of the 90’s Accuses Film Star Steven Seagal of Rape Back in 1993

An aspiring actress of the 90’s, Regina Simons has claimed Steven Seagal raped her at.

A Louisiana man charged with cheating investors and banks

  LOUISIANA: A Louisiana man charged with cheating investors and banks for more than $96.

Music Mogul Russell Simmons faces sixth allegation of rape.

Russell Simmons has been accused of rape not once or twice but six times by.

9,000 year-old Greek teenager, Dawn is on display at the Acropolis Museum in Athens

  ATHENS: 9,000 years ago, Dawn’s face was seen for the last time by anyone. Now.