Doctors in Leicester say Holding back a Sneeze may Cause a Ruptured Throat

LONDON: Doctors in England say holding back a big sneeze can be dangerous for your.

Bassma Boussel’s new look; courtesy of changed makeup or plastic surgery?

Recently Bassma Boussel shared a different look on social media which started a controversy. Social.

US-Egyptian mission finds Ancient mining operations buildings in Egypt

The US-Egyptian mission in the Tal Edfu area north of the city of Aswan recently.

Logan Paul punished by YouTube after posting suicide video

TOKYO: Well-known blogger Logan Paul, has been punished by YouTube on Thursday for posting a suicide.

Hamid’s “Exit West,” among Obama’s list of best books of 2017

Former US President Barack Obama likes to end every year by writing a list of.

This Robot Duck Could Help Children with Cancer

  LAS VEGAS: A fluffy, robotic duck may soon become a fixture in the world.

Golden Globes Expected to see Stars in Union Against Harassment and Abuse

  This year’s Golden Globes ceremony is seen as the first huge opportunity for Hollywood.

Fed-up Ryanair passenger jumps from Emergency Exit on to the plane’s wing

In a strange news from Madrid on New Year’s day, a passenger on a Ryanair.

Oman : Fire Reports Increase by more than 10%

Incidents of fire breakouts are on the rise in Oman. fires in Oman increased by .

“Time’s Up”- Campaign to Protest against the sexual harassment

LONDON: Protest against the sexual harassment, “Time’s Up” backed up by Hollywood stars including Reese.