Germany prepares for arrival of over 100 children from Syria, Iraq amid concerns of radicalisation

Many people had left Germany in the past to go to Syria and fight for.

UAE : Shawarma Under Scrutiny, New Regulations for Sandwich Shops

    Your favourite shawarma is under scrutiny by the authorities. The Emirates Authority for.

IRAN: Protesters furious at the IRGC

Since Dec. 28, thousands of Iranians have protested in what is already the most severe.

Russia rejects report that 7 Russian planes destroyed in Syria’s Hmeimim

Kommersant newspaper recently reported that 7 Russian planes were shot down in opposition shelling in.

Syrian subgroups merge to form new National Army under Turkey’s guidance

Turmoil has been rampant in Syria since the civil war broke out in 2011. According.

Protesters march in Tehran, 200 arrested, 2 killed

TEHRAN: Some 200 protesters marched through central Tehran Sunday as authorities braced for a possible.

Libya’s AGOCO hopeful to fix power problems

BENGHAZI: Libya’s Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) is hopeful to resolve power problems by the.

Turkey accuses EU for withholding Humanitarian fund for Syrian Refugees

In a turn of recent events, Turkey’s EU Ministry has accused EU of holding back.

Israel Follows US, Withdraws from UNESCO

In a recent update Israel has officially announced its withdrawal from UNESCO, The United Nations Educational,.

Syrian Regime Forces move in closer to Idlib

Regime forces in Syria have recaptured many villages in the northwestern areas. This could start.