Post cease fire deadly explosion shakes Gaza

In what is being called the largest daytime airstrike since 2014, two Palestinian teenagers were.

Two Trials open in Tunisia over protester killings in 2011 revolution

Tunisia: double trials have begun in Tunisia over the death of protesters during the 2011.

Museums were severely damaged by Houthis

  The official news agency SABA reported that Marwan Damaj, Yemen’s Minister of Culture, handed.

Iraq: Militants kidnap two Filipino women on their way to Irbil

As news of increasing kidnappings of women by Daesh militants spread every other day, in.

Palestinian official condemns new Israeli law that will freeze money transfers to the PA

A top Palestinian official on Tuesday strongly denounced a new Israeli law that will freeze.

Australia slashes aid to Palestinian Authority for fear of funding Palestinian criminals

Australia has abruptly ended direct aid to the Palestinian Authority . Australia cited the reason.

The targeting of relief organizations in the province of Hodeidah increases the suffering of the Yemeni people as a whole

  DUBAI: Yemen’s Abdul Raqib Fatah, Local Administration Minister and Higher Relief Council Director, condemned.

47 people accused of being coup supporters detained by Turkish police

  In a report by CNN Turk, Turkish police have detained 47 people in an.

Libya’s deputy prime ministers after hours took a move by eastern factions to take control of oil ports

  TUNIS: Unknown armed men attacked the Tripoli residence of one of Libya’s deputy prime.

Syrian army captures major part of its sensitive southwest region from rebels

The Syrian army has reportedly captures a chunk of territory from rebels in the southwest..