US plans Middle East peace push after ‘cooling off’ over Jerusalem

WASHINGTON: The White House is to renew efforts to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, officials.

Paramilitaries should be incorporated in Iraqi security bodies: Top Shiite cleric

BAGHDAD: Iraqi Shiite paramilitary groups that fought against Daesh should be incorporated into state security.

Israel Closes Gaza Border Crossings Post Palestinian Protests

On Thursday Israel announced its decision to close the Gaza border crossings due to the.

US drone strike removes ‘imminent threat’ to Somali capital

MOGADISHU: A US military drone strike on a vehicle carrying explosives in Somalia has removed.

Southeastern Iran Hit by Earthquake, 18 Injured

The Southeastern province of Kerman in Iran has been hit by multiple strong earthquakes from.

Iraqi Shiite cleric urges fighters to disarm after Daesh defeat

BAGHDAD: An influential Iraqi Shiite cleric is urging his fighters to hand state-issued weapons back.

Israeli, French leaders tangle over US Jerusalem decision

JERUSALEM: The French and Israeli leaders sparred verbally Sunday over the US decision to recognize.

Palestinian president will not meet visiting US VP

AMMAN: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not meet US Vice President Mike Pence as originally.

Libya pushing to be removed from travel ban list

TRIPOLI: Libya’s internationally recognized government has appealed to the US to drop or ease a.

Palestinians in Lebanon protest Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

BEIRUT: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon reacted angrily to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem.