Yemeni government has refused to run any negotiations with the Iranian-backed Houthi in Riyadh

  DUBAI: Saudi state-news channel reported that, the Yemeni government has refused to run any.

More than 8,750 people have died in the war at Saudi Arabia

  UNITED NATIONS: Iran has broken a UN arms embargo by failing to stop supplies.

One police officer and two guards killed at the checkpoint to the north of Baghdad

  BAGHDAD: Haider Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister has ordered an “immediate” inspection into the murder of a.

Syrian capital mentions that government forces have cut off their town from a near-by rebel-held enclave

  BEIRUT: Local authorities outside the Syrian capital mention that the government forces have cut.

Syria’s Afrin town is surrounded by Turkey’s military and its rebel associates

  ANKARA: Turkey’s military and its rebel associates have surrounded the northern Syrian town of.

Iraq: Two seperate Daesh attacks kill 25 people in Mosul and Kirkuk

  According to police and local officials Daesh militants have killed at least 25 in.

Yemen’s ambassador Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak to US says country faces challenges due to 10% decline GDP

  Yemen’s ambassador to Washington, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak recently said the government in Yemen.

Egypt: 10 people sentenced to death for planning attacks on police and security forces

Ten people have been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court on ground of forming.

Mesraba attacked by Syrian army units in Ghouta to secure entry of infantry units

  State TV news channel reported that, Syrian army units assaulted rebel defences in Mesraba.

Emergency meeting called by France and Britain to discuss the failure of the 30-day cease-fire

  UN, New York: France and Britain have requested an emergency meeting of the UN.