Turkey, Iran and Iraq launch first joint anti-PKK operation

ANKARA: Turkish jets carried out airstrikes on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positions in northern Iraq’s.

Daesh silent on Egypt massacre decried even by supporters

CAIRO: The gunmen who massacred more than 300 worshippers in an Egyptian mosque made no.

Syrian Kurdish official to US: Don’t turn your back on us

BEIRUT: A senior Syrian Kurdish official said Washington would undermine the campaign against Daesh militants.

No pay until Kurds give up referendum, Baghdad says

BAGHDAD: Baghdad will not pay the salaries of employees of the Iraqi Kurdish region government.

Clean-up dives, recycling: Lebanese respond to garbage crisis

TABARJA: The Lebanese divers plunge below the surface, scuba tanks on their backs and nets.

Evidence points to Daesh’s involvement in Friday’s strike

Thu, 2020-11-26 03:00ID: 1511633581505021000CAIRO: Gunmen who attacked a mosque on Friday in Egypt’s North Sinai.

Attack on mosque in Egypt’s Sinai kills at least 305

CAIRO: Armed attackers on Friday killed at least 305 worshippers, including 27 children, in a bomb.

Netanyahu slams deputy minister’s digs at US Jewry

JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday rapped his deputy foreign minister for “offensive” remarks.

British MP makes new call for apology to Egypt over Suez

LONDON: A British MP has made a call for the UK to apologize to Egypt.

Skills drought leaves Gulf aerospace ambitions on dark side of moon

DUBAI: Among the throngs of executives arriving at the Dubai Airshow last week, few will.