Archaeologists discover remains of 2nd century Roman temple in Egypt’s Aswan

An archaeology excavation in Egypt’s Aswan recently revealed the remains of a sandstone temple dating.

Egypt forces killed 38 militants and arrested more than 500 suspects

  CAIRO: Egypt’s military stated on Tuesday that it has killed 38 militants and arrested.

VIDEO: Israel stated that the intercepted Iranian drone was duplicate of US craft

  Israeli officials stated that the Iranian drone that they shot down appeared to have.

Indian PM Narendra Modi will be visiting UAE on Saturday

  DUBAI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all ready to arrive in Abu Dhabi.

Iran aims to increase crude output capacity to 4.7 million BPD within 4 years

  Recently, Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister Amir Zamaninia announced the county’s intention to increase oil.

Paris: Louvre museum refutes claims of opening an investigation in Qatar map row

  Few days earlier, a controversy ensued when Qatar was left off a map of.

European Union officials are calling on Israel to rebuild demolished classrooms

  JERUSALEM: European Union officials are calling on Israel to rebuild the two classrooms which.

Egypt: Head of Benha University Hospital resigns post fatal elevator accident

Following an extremely unfortunate incident at the Egypt’s Benha University Hospital wherein an elevator collapsed,.

Bomb Blast at Ankara : 8 suspects detained

  ANKARA: Turkish authorities said on Friday they had retarded eight people in connection with.

Syrian President Bashar Assad must quit office “at some point” in the future

  Istanbul: Turkey on Saturday said that Syrian President Bashar Assad must quit office “at.