Apple TV adds Dolby Atmos audio and sign-on streamlining to its services

Apple TV has recently added some new things to its services. The company just announced.

Apple is introducing a new Walkie-Talkie app for Apple Watch users

Kevin Lynch from the watchOS team launched the next version of watchOS at Apple’s WWDC.

Apple to stream WWDC keynote at the San Jose Convention Center live

Apple had recently announced that it is holding a keynote today at the San Jose.

UK Prohibits Drones to Exceed 400 ft Limit

  The UK has declared recent stop-gap laws for drone operators putting restrictions on what height.

Xiomi Reveals Improved Mi Band With 20 Day Battery Life

Xiaomi’s  Mi 8 smartphone which resembles the iPhone X in many ways was the underline.

Latest cryptocurrency miner motherboard, H370 Mining Master by ASUS, has 20 GPU slots

  Asus, a motherboard maker  is building a motherboard specifically purposed for cryptomining. The H370.

Moto G6, LG’s G7 and V35 phones to get Google’s Project Fi support

Project Fi, Google’s wireless service, is getting support for a number of new phones today..

Microsoft’s HoloLens Can Sense Its Surrounding In A Matter of Seconds

  Microsoft’s HoloLens has a notable ability to sense its surroundings in a matter of.

Revealed: Nvidia’s latest building design is out and it is ‘wild’

  Nvidia is preparing a new, massive building in Santa Clara called Voyager. Reportedly the.

Researchers Develop Sensor to Stop Quadcopters From Cutting Your Finger

  The people at Spectrum have discovered a very useful project for quadcopter pilots. The.