The Insta360 One, a standalone 4K 360 camera now acquires FlowState onboard stabilization

  One of the best 360-degree cameras in the market has just got a lot.

Cheap handhelds, sold as impulse deals at drug stores and Toys ‘R Us (RIP), are the recent thing to be gathered and imitated

During CES, the single section of electronics I spent the most time with, apart from.

Microsoft comes forward to support computer students in Ghana after pictures of teacher teaching without computers go viral

  Richard Appiah Akoto in Ghana became an online sensation when his pictures of teaching.

Insta360 reveals new video showing off latest ‘FlowState’ video stabilization tech

360-degree camera maker Insta360 has released a  new video showing off  its latest feature called.

Researchers from Tokyo Tech have a robo-bug which can improvise its walk like a real insect

  Researchers have for a long time looked for ways to create objects that can.

New updated Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ sounds like a good upgrade for both personal and business projects

It is March 14, that means it is Pi Day for math appreciators all around.

The Wave, a ring that controls sound, will ship next December

Wave is a ring that controls sound. Basically, a wearable MIDI controller that lets you.

Snap is working on new versions of its Spectacles hardware

Snap, Inc. calls itself a “camera company” so it should not be all that surprising.

Tapplock – World’s first smart fingerprint padlock

Apple’s Touch ID was a key change in benefit for securing its mobile devices, and.

Google’s new “video segmentation” tool on YouTube Stories lets you swap out your background

  Google researchers know how much people like to trick others into thinking they’re on.