Plan your trip with the new web based version of Tesla’s in-car trip planning tool

Tesla recently launched a web based version of its car trip planning tool for its.

Tesla aims to make 2,500 Model 3S Cars weekly by end of Q1 2018

American automaker company Tesla, has increased its car production after it just made 260 vehicles.

Molekule — The Sleekest and the Most Efficient Air Purifier in Market

  Molekule is a San Francisco-based startup that didn’t take much time to gain popularity.

UPS reserves 125 Tesla Semi fully electric heavy-duty trucks

Tesla has another new high-profile customer – UPS, which has placed the largest order yet.

BMW Sells 100,000 Electric Vehicles Meeting it’s Sales Target for 2017

  BMW had set out to sell 100,000 electric cars this year globally, and it.

NIO launches its ES8 all-electric SUV in China

Electric vehicle startup NIO has launched its first production car, the ES8 – a fully.

BMW to Develop More Efficient Solid-State Batteries With Solid Power Batteries

German automaker BMW, just like other companies in the same industry is chasing solid-state battery.

Toyota will electrify entire vehicle lineup by 2025

Toyota is finally revealing the details of its plan to catch up with some of.

Cities do want to rethink regulations and avoid tech clashes, and here’s some proof

In Jakarta, Indonesia, only 50 percent of the population has access to the piped sewerage.

Pepsi Orders 100 Tesla Electric Semi Trucks Beating Budweiser

PepsiCo has recently placed orders for Tesla’s forthcoming electric semi-truck. It’s also become the company.