Turn your old Kindle into a clock with this cool hack

  If you have a Kindle e-reader which is not of your use, then its.

Moto Z3 will bring a 5G connectivity to entire line

  Along with the latest Moto Z3 handset, Motorola unveiled a Mod that will bring.

Apple finally becomes a $1 trillion company

Apple has become the first US company with a market cap of over $1 trillion..

More bad news for subscription movie ticket service MoviePass

  More bad news for subscription movie ticket service MoviePass, which accepted yesterday that there.

Opera’s OPRA Successfully Trades on NASDAQ

  Opera is now a public company. The Norway-based company priced its initial public offering.

Google Updates Event Search with Personalised Event Suggestions

Last May, Google recently dropped a new events feature designed making it easier for web.

LG Mobile Division is Lagging Well Behind The Company

  Korean electronics giant LG is reaching new heights, but its mobile division continues to.

Apple now offers Search Ads in thirteen countries

Apple had earlier introduced a new pay-per-install ad product called Search Ads Basic aimed at.

Android P’s beta 4 preview goes online

  The much anticipated Android P has just gone live with with Beta 4 preview..

Grubhub agrees to acquire LevelUp for $390 million cash

  Grubhub reported this morning that it has agreed to obtain LevelUp for $390 million.