Facebook to build realistic avatars by integrating faces into VR

  With VR technogoly getting more popular with each passing day, Facebook is gearing up.

Lyra Health – A Service to Help People With Mental Illnesses

Taking care of issues with mental health can be a frightening and very sensitive task.

Apple to add new ‘USB Restricted Mode’ in iOS 11.4 which might annoy Law Enforcement

Reported first by Elcomsoft researchers, a new “USB Restricted Mode” has been intercepted through iOS11.4.

Intel Capital leads $20 Million investment in AI tech startup Gamalon

  Gamalon , a machine intelligence company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts aims at  change the.

Baymax Inspired, Soft Robot Arm Has Been Produced by Disney

  The charismatic robot at the heart of Disney’s Big Hero 6, Baymax, isn’t realistic,.

Maverick – The Robot That Paints Your Room For You

If anyone reading this has ever painted their room themselves, then you know how difficult.

Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard collaborate with Apple to manufacture greenhouse gas-free aluminum smelting

  In efforts to push forward innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes, Canadian Prime Minister Justin.

Google’s Android development studio gets a bunch of innovative updates

Google’s Android’s development studio is reportedly getting a new update as the company prepares to.

Google to increase Gboard accessibility by introducing Morse Code

  Google is adding morse code input to its mobile keyboard. It’ll be available as.

Twitter’s “Secret conversation” option remains unlaunched

  Most of the Twitter users  have no clue about a hidden unlaunched feature in.