Facebook has another privacy screw-up on its hands

  Facebook has another privacy screw-up on its hands. A bug in May coincidentally altered.

Research finds social media photos may actually predict the ‘health’ of a neighbourhood

Social media has become a platform for every important thing in life. Social media can.

Facebook’s Marketplace ads will let users “boost” their listings

  After 20 months of launching its Craigslist competitor, Marketplace, and insistently promoting it with.

Facebook Intensifies Support For Header Bidding

  Facebook is intensifying its support for header bidding, a technology which will allow publishers.

Pinterest to become advertiser hub with its latest video tool

Pinterest is on its way to become  hub for advertisers as it continues its efforts.

Apple announces iOS 12’s Messages camera to offer sticker packs, “comic book” filter, Memoji and more

  Apple never seems to slow down trying one up its rivals. Just recently at.

Twitter Decides to Give Political Verification to Candidates

  At the forefront of 2018 U.S. midterm elections, Twitter is seen taking a notable.

Snapchat Updates Location Feature

  Snapchat takes another attempt at location after its always-on coordinate-broadcasting Snap Map turned out.

16 years journey of StumbleUpon to end on June 30

Everybody said, 16 years is a fairly good run in the social media world. After.

Reddit’s latest heavy integration of native ads is only more obvious in the recent design

  For staying one of the highest sited websites on the web, Reddit‘s product has.