Twitter Decides to Give Political Verification to Candidates

  At the forefront of 2018 U.S. midterm elections, Twitter is seen taking a notable.

Snapchat Updates Location Feature

  Snapchat takes another attempt at location after its always-on coordinate-broadcasting Snap Map turned out.

16 years journey of StumbleUpon to end on June 30

Everybody said, 16 years is a fairly good run in the social media world. After.

Reddit’s latest heavy integration of native ads is only more obvious in the recent design

  For staying one of the highest sited websites on the web, Reddit‘s product has.

Families will be better off because it exists says David Marcus

Facebook’s vice president of Messaging Products, David Marcus, replied to the counterblast against Messenger Kids.

Snap is introducing the capability to share certain public Stories through links

There is no getting around the fact that Snapchat has a user expansion issue, so.

Ireland High Court Denies Facebook’s Plea to Stop Legal Questions

  Facebook’s effort to obstruct a series of legal questions related to a long-running EU.

Facebook to build realistic avatars by integrating faces into VR

  With VR technogoly getting more popular with each passing day, Facebook is gearing up.

Double Oscar-winner 73 old Michael Douglas accused for using sexually charged language and comment

#LOS ANGELES# Michael Douglas has been blamed by a former employee Douglas for sexual harassment.

Facebook’s dating feature announcement causes Match stock to sink

  As soon as the news of Facebook launching its own dating feature in its.