Welcome to 2019, where we learn that Facebook is a new nonsense.
Sorry #Delete Facebook, you never gave a chance.
Yesterday, Bloomberg told that Scandal-Betset Social Media Behimath has incorporated many unknown agreements with Android smartphone makers, mobile carriers and OS around the world, not only to update the pre-loaded Facebook’s appleg app, but Software is made unattainable; A permanent feature of your device, whether you like how the company’s app can track your every move and digital action.
Bloomberg spoke to an American owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8, who after reading the forum discussion about Samsung devices found that their own pre-loaded Facebook app could not be removed. It can only be “disabled”, it has no explanation available as it really means.
The Galaxy S8 retired for $ 725 + when it was released two years ago in the U.S.
A Facebook spokesman told Bloomberg that an inefficient permanent app does not continue to collect data or send information to the company, but declined to state that Facebook has such pre-installed deals at the global level.
Samsung told the news organization that it provides a pre-installed Facebook app on “selected models”, with options to disable it, once disabled, the app is no longer running.
After Bloomberg’s report was published, mobile research and regular Facebook technical commentator Jane Manchun Wong commented via Twitter – pre-loaded Facebook app on Samsung devices was described as “stub”.
Aka “basically a non-functional empty shell, acts as the placeholder for when the phone receives the ‘real’ Facebook app as app updates.”

Samsung only ships the stub version of Facebook on its phone. This is basically a non-functional empty shell, which acts as the placeholder when the phone receives the “real” Facebook app as an update
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) January 8, 2019

Many smartphone users have automatic updates enabled, and a universally disabled application is always to be re-enabled at a later date (and in such a zombie situation, the fully-developed Facebook app is revived in a future day) .
Although you can argue that pre-installed a popular app can be helpful to consumers (though Facebook is not at all helpful to competitors), a lasting pre-install is undoubtedly anti-consumer move.
Crap-ware has been named crap-ware for a reason. After paying its own hardware, why should people always be unhappy with unwanted software, stub or otherwise?
And while Facebook is not such a permanent app (for example, Apple gets a lot of historical shock for its own unchanging app, for example, finally adding the ability to delete some built-in apps with iOS 12), This is a special example given to the company’s long and most confidential privacy-hostile history.
Users who do not want a location surveyed by their digital activity and public-profiling giant, they may crave peace of mind to not be in the Facebook app, stub, or otherwise to take place on their devices.
But an unknown number of Android users are now finding out they don’t have that option.
Not cool, Facebook, not cool.
Another interesting question is how do Facebook users count on permanent pre-installs in Metrics, and in fact for advertising targeting purposes.

In recent years, the company has had to modify its advertising matrix several times. So it is surprising if a disabled Facebook app pre-installed is properly responsible for the company (i.e., as a pair of eyeballs for its advertising targeting empire) or not.
We asked about this point from Facebook, but at the time of writing, he refused to comment on Bloomberg beyond his current statements.

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