Sondos Al Qattan receives criticism from fellow influencers of the Gulf for derogatory domestic worker comments

Several social media influencers have come together as they expressed criticism of  YouTuber Sondos Al Qattan.

Qattan recently found herself amid a controversy when she expressed criticism of Kuwaiti legislation designed to protect the rights of Filipina domestic workers.

The first to express her disagreement was was Royal Highness Sheikha Noor, a Bahraini princess, entrepreneur and designer.

She said during an interview, “Let’s stand up for equality, justice and human dignity. I just want a one-day break end of the week to get my energy back. I think my personal helper at home needs to have a day off. I really don’t understand how people think.”

Following that a popular UAE-based health and wellness influencer,Enjy Kiwan, also came forward to disagree with Qatan. However she did maintain that even she disagreed with Qattan’s statement she believes “everyone has the right to their own opinion.”

“I have help, and we are blessed in this part of the world to be able to have that and we owe so much to them, be it taking care of our children when we are at work, house duties, cooking and so much more,” she said.

“Where I come from they are part of our family and deserve so much more than counting the number of rest hours or days off.”

Talal Al Rashed, a UAE-based Kuwait travel and food influencer, said that the debate sparked by Qattan’s comments “is healthy, and it shows how people are different when it comes to human rights and labour laws, and how some need some enlightenment.”

“I suggest Sondos tries working full-time in the service industry, say in a restaurant, a hotel or even at her own house, for one year, but without taking a weekly day off,” he added. ‘I’d be curious to know her opinion after such an experience. I’m sure it will be slightly different.”

In the wake of these comments several influential  brands have cut ties with Qattan.

The controversy sparked after Qattan posted a video on  July 10 o in which she criticised Kuwaiti rules that give Filipina domestic workers one day off a week and forbids employers from retaining their passports. However Qattan has firmly stood by her stance on the matter and in fact has claimed that her detractors are part of a foreign media campaign against Kuwait, the Hijab and Islam.

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