Indian Telugu character sent via SMS, WhatsApp and other apps crashes Apple’s devies

Telugu is a widely spoken Indian language used by about 70 million people. However, in.

Dubai Collaborates with Digital Apps to Boost Tourism and Improve Tourist Experience

  Tourism chiefs in Dubai have joined with two digital tour apps to launch two.

Mobile app to offer audio guides to the Dubai’s landmarks and historical sites for tourists

Every year UAE experiences  a large influx of tourists form all parts of the globe..

Etisalat provides unlimited calling plan with VoIP apps

It was less than two weeks after UAE residents complained that Skype service was blocked.

Coloring Book Apps are the Latest Trend on App Store with Interesting Users

  The latest craze on the App Store is a new edition on the coloring.

Apple to combine iOS and Mac apps, said Bloomberg

Apple is said to be working on a way to allow developers to build apps.

Taplytics launches “Intelligent Experience Cloud”

Taplytics , mobile A/B testing platform for native mobile apps, recently announced “Intelligent Experience Cloud,”..

Apple to unify iOS and MacOS next year

Bloomberg recently reported that Apple is working with developers to create a platform that will.

Apple’s App Store is Now Letting You Pre-Order Apps Before Their Launch

  Apple has so long silently permitted developers to make their apps available for pre-order..

Google launches three new photography apps for testing experimental technology

Google today is launching a trio of new photo apps – a part of new.