Life sentence for Shiite opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman for spying for Gulf rival Qatar

Bahrain’s supreme court, whose decisions are conclusive, on Monday maintained a lifelong incarceration for Shiite.

Bahrain-based investment manager wants to fill a vacuum in lending to Indian property developers

A Bahrain-based investment director needs to fill a vacuum in leading to Indian property designers.

Investcorp’s US-based real estate investment team has acquired eight new multifamily properties

New portfolio incorporates 2,510 units crosswise over North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona and Texas. Over.

Bonds of Bahrain have handed investors the biggest return

Bonds of Bahrain, the littlest individual member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, have given speculators.

Bahrain is attempting to regain its footing by allowing companies using cryptocurrency to work in the country

Bahrain, when the Middle East’s center point for money related enterprises, is endeavoring to recover.

Bahrain’s Al Waha ‘Fund of Funds’ is aimed at boosting the country’s start-up ecosystem

Bahrain’s Al Waha ‘Reserve of Funds’ has designated around $45 million of the $100 million.

Bahrain has introduced a new national employment programme to boost the employment

Bahrain has presented another national business program to support the work of local people in.

Bahrain’s government is in talks with two Chinese firms about establishing or expanding their presence in the kingdom

Bahrain’s government is in converses with two Chinese firms about setting up or growing their.

Bahrain News: Bahrain’s new crypto guidelines a ‘comfort’ to business people and financial specialists

Bahrain Economic Development Board’s head of business advancement money related administrations at the said that.

Bahrain’s $4 billion expansion of its oil refinery will begin to sell and trade more petroleum products

Bahrain’s $4 billion extension of its oil refinery will see it start to sell and.