Bitcoin is valued at $10,526 (£7,594) as a outcome of the drop

All but two of top 50 virtual coins by market capitalisation slump The price of.

Kuwait is the cheapest country in the GCC to mine bitcoins

According to estimates from Elite Fixtures – although miners may want to avoid Bahrain, Kuwait.

Sharjah Police arrests a Pakistani national for Bitcoin fraud

A Pakistani national was recently arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police for.

Bitcoin value falls extensively, at least 12,000 Kuwaiti investors lose millions

As the value of Bitcoin fell extensively from $19,500 in December to beneath $8,000 in.

Bitcoin Price Drops to a Massive 64.5%

  Bitcoin price continues to dwindle by the day – and take down the value.

Find out why Bitcoin Price has been Falling Since the Start of 2018

  Bitcoin has fallen below $8,000 as its intense slide continues – creating a huge.

Tokyo-Based Bitcoin Exchange Finally Gets Approval for Launch in Europe

  BitFlyer, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, has been permitted for a launch in Europe..

Why Cryptocurrency has been SO Volatile Since Weeks – Bitcoin Questions, Answered

  Bitcoin’s price dwindled this week, as it the possibility of cryptocurrency being banned from.

These Second-Tier Cryptocurrencies are Making their way up. Would you still bet on Bitcoin? – Find out why you shouldnt

  Bitcoin alternatives are closing the gap with the market leader after names like Stellar.

‘Dogecoin’ – A Cryptocurrency That Began as Parody is Now Valued at Over $1billion

  Bitcoin being as fascinating as it is, has no central bank and isn’t linked.