Oracle opt not to break out cloud revenue

  Oracle is studying that it is rigid for enterprise firms born in the information.

Is Oracle finding transition to Cloud difficult?

  American multinational computer technology corporation Oracle might just be finding it gruelling to make.

Microsoft’s Cloud business is proving very beneficial for its shareholders

Microsoft’s Cloud earnings are  showering its shareholders in some hefty cash. For the quarter ending.

Developing conversational interfaces is a trending new region for developers

  Developing conversational interfaces is a trending new region for developers. Chatbots can be a.

New Google Cloud feature allows users to monitor and optimize how their data flows into their networks

Thanks to a new move by Google, users will be able to get more insights.

Google Cloud to provide developers with a new text-to-speech engine developed by DeepMind

Google has always been among the leaders in developing text-to-speech synthesis. The technology  has made.

Google plans to bring support for the open source Slurm HPC workload manager to its cloud platform

Hyperscale cloud platforms from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google are great for running.

Microsoft to launch its Cloud regions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Microsoft  has revealed  plans for a major expansion of its Microsoft Cloud with the launch.

Microsoft to integrate Azure Stack with Azure Government to help Azure Cloud run on government agencies’ private servers

In an effort to attract more government clients, Microsoft said it will integrate Azure Stack,.

Apple now officially stores iCloud data through Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Platform

  Apple has always relied on third-party cloud companies for iCloud storage. However a new.