Salesforce and Google are the latest pals in the cloud

Salesforce and Google inked a deal today that could provide easier integration between Salesforce tools.

Microsoft easily beats the Street as its cloud run rate passes $20B a year early

Microsoft today announced its quarterly earnings for its first financial quarter of 2018 (yes, I.

Crunch Report | Amazon’s New Cloud Cam and Key

Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and Key, the Microsoft Kinect isn’t being manufactured anymore and Honolulu.

Google gives large businesses more options to connect directly to its cloud

In September, Google launched the beta of its dedicated interconnects for Google Cloud enterprise users..

HashiCorp raises $40M for its cloud infrastructure automation services

HashiCorp is probably best known for Terraform, its open-source tool for automatically provisioning infrastructure by.

Microsoft and AWS could be the strangest cloud bedfellows yet

Today hell did not freeze over, but something remarkable happened: Microsoft and AWS announced they.

Microsoft’s new Data Box lets you mail up to 100 TB to its Azure cloud

Moving lots of data to the cloud can take a long time and cost quite a.

Microsoft looks to the cloud to expand its security offerings

Ignite is Microsoft’s main annual conference for bringing together its enterprise users and IT community..

MessageBird, a European cloud comms platform that competes with Twilio, raises $60M Series A

MessageBird, a cloud communications platform that counts publicly listed Twilio as a competitor, has raised.

Google Cloud provides help for extra highly effective Nvidia GPUs

Google Cloud Platform introduced help for some highly effective Nvidia GPUs on Google Compute Engine.