Dubai Healthcare Authority has announced a new license which allows international doctors to work in Dabai

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority has announced the introduction of a new license that allows.

Punit Soni’s Health startup, Suki raises $20M to build AI powered voice assistant for doctors

  Punit Soni founded health startup ‘Suki’ while spending a lot of time sitting in.

Doctors in Leicester say Holding back a Sneeze may Cause a Ruptured Throat

LONDON: Doctors in England say holding back a big sneeze can be dangerous for your.

3D printing brain scans helps doctors with a tricky diagnosis

When there’s a problem in the brain, it pays to be precise — every millimeter.

Dubai works on plan to help doctors monitor patients remotely – Healthcare,Technology,UAE,Middle East

Health chiefs in Dubai are studying plans to create a tight fitting shirt which will.