Bollywood biopic on Narendra Modi is set to hit cinemas

A Bollywood biopic on Narendra Modi’s rise from humble beginnings to Indian prime minister is.

Israel reopened its crossings with the Gaza Strip on Sunday

JERUSALEM: Israel revived its intersections with the Gaza Strip on Sunday in the wake of.

Facebook Confirms an Unknown Group Waging a Propaganda War Against US Elections

  Facebook just established that an anonymous group is firing up a propaganda war against.

Iraq : Supreme court orders manual vote recount of May 12 elections

Iraq’s supreme court has  ordered a manual recount of May 12 legislative elections, a process.

Lebanese expatriates cast early ballots for parliamentary elections in six Arab nations

Lebanon’s parliamentary elections are scheduled to happen on May 6 after at least ten years..

Facebook employee reportedly interviewed by Mueller for Russian Interference in 2016 elections

According to a report published by Wired, one Facebook employee was interviewed by Special Counsel.