Apple’s AI supervisor has been knock up to the organization’s official group – TechCrunch

Apple has recently affirmed that John Giannandrea, the ex-Googler AI veteran who joined the organization.

Oppo VP Brian Shen took to Weibo today to unveil the company’s foldable phone concept

Oppo VP Brian Shen took to Weibo today to disclose the organization’s foldable phone idea..

Want to engage in e-commerce? First get a new trade license, says Sharjah Executive Council

Sharjah Executive Council recently announced that if anyone wishes to carry out business through e-commerce,.

Rolls-Royce has announced the appointment of César Habib as regional director

Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce has reported that César Habib has been appointed as regional director,.

The UAE’s healthcare sector is presently valued at AED64bn

The UAE’s healthcare sector is presently worth AED64bn, but is predicted to expand by 60.

DANS Executive Vice President reveals aircraft movements in Dubai increase by 50% with 8 years

Aircraft movements in Dubai have increased by 50 percent over the past eight years as.

Apple’s upcoming original TV slate will feature a10-epsiode, half-hour thriller series executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan

Apple will apparently have every kind of show from anyone with any kind of name.

Dubai Requires More Economy Hotels Pre Expo 2020

  Although around 50,000 new rooms are scheduled for Dubai before Expo2020, the city needs.

Former Embraer Executive Pleads Guilty in Saudi Bribes Case

An ex Embraer Executive has pleaded guilty in Saudi bribes case. He admitted to bribing.

Palestinian judiciary and executive clash after arrest in Nablus court

AMMAN: A constitutional crisis between the executive and judicial branches of government is developing in.