Expat settlements from the UAE absolute $10.8 billion in Q4

Expats settlements from the UAE summed totalled AED39.9 billion ($10.8 billion) amid the final quarter.

Kuwait will limit the amount of teachers it hires for the upcoming year

Kuwait’s Ministry of Education will confine the measure of instructors it employs for the up.

Central Bank of Kuwait says the data is has published does not delate to bad debts owed to banks or financial companies

The Central Bank of Kuwait stated that the information is has published does not delate.

Development of the country’s human resources is a shared responsibility of the private and government sector

Knowledge and content manager at Fragomen, Marcin Kubarek, shares his thoughts about the effects of.

Remittances sent home by expatriates in Kuwait increased by 3.5 percent in the Q1

According to latest figures from the Central Bank of Kuwait, remittances sent home by expatriates.

Khalifa was the first World Cup stadium to be inaugurated in Qatar

Work practices at a Qatar World Cup stadium development site where a British worker expired.

Oman expat visa ban extension raises concerns in key sectors

Last year Oman’s Ministry of Manpower (MoM) imposed a series of six-month bans on the hiring.

“We require help from outside the country; we need to exchange experience” says Nasser Al Maqbali

Oman’s decision to continue the ban on recruiting expatriates for another six months has caused.

UAE: Expat remittances mostly by Indians rise over 17% in Q1 2018

As per the latest figures by the Central Bank of the UAE, remittances by expats in.

Saudi Arabia: Contractors to be reimbursed for hike in expat fees

Saudi Arabia recently announced that it  would compensate contractors for increased expatriate worker fees in.