Facebook is a new nonsense-Tech-Crunch

Welcome to 2019, where we learn that Facebook is a new nonsense. Sorry #Delete Facebook,.

Facebook tricked children into spending money on in-app games, court documents reveal

Facebook intentionally enabled kids to burn through cash on its stage without their folks learning,.

Facebook finds and slaughters another 512 Kremlin-connected phony records – TechCrunch

\Two years on from the U.S. presidential race, Facebook keeps on having a noteworthy issue.

Facebook asked to give clients more noteworthy power over what they see – TechCrunch

Scholastics at the colleges of Oxford and Stanford think Facebook should give clients more prominent.

Facebook adds the choice to share occasions to Stories, message companions ‘intrigued’ in going – TechCrunch

Facebook needs to make it simpler for clients to impart occasions and facilitate to companions.

GrokStyle has been snatched up by Facebook to augment its own growing computer vision department

In the event that you’ve at any point seen a light or seat that you.

Among mobile ad networks, Facebook and Google remain the best bet for advertisers

Among mobile ad networks, Facebook and Google remain the best wager for publicists, as per.

Twitter has enforcing to shutter accounts that promote violence against citizens

It would begin enforcing new hate speech rules to shutter accounts that promote violence against.

Facebook staff raised worries about Cambridge Analytica in September 2015, per court documenting – TechCrunch

Further subtleties have developed about when and the amount Facebook thought about information scratching by.

Hostile to antibody posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could be restricted under new UK laws

The UK government is thinking about new standards to restrict any enemy of immunization posts.