Google planning to use AMP format to make mobile pages render faster

Google’s AMP format has always been focusing on making mobile pages render faster. But Google.

$1.1B deal completed by Google to buy a chunk of HTC’s smartphone division

  The completion of its $ 1.1 billion deal to buy a large slice of.

Google parent, Alphabet Inc in talks with Saudi Aramco for building tech hub in the Kingdom

Google parent Alphabet Inc is in talks with Saudi state oil giant Saudi Aramco about.

Google I/O is expected to happen between May 8-10 in 2018

Google loves a good puzzle. Google I/O is an annual developer conference held in San.

Google to launch an AI research center in France: Sundar Pichai, CEO

  In a series of announcements, Google has laid out a number of expansions and.

Crunch Report | Google has planned for a patent deal with Tencent

Google has planned for a patent deal with Tencent. 30 people laid off by Tile..

Google CEO still Thinks Firing James Damore for what he did is Right

  Google CEO Sundar Pichai on being asked about the termination of James Damore says he.

Google announces a patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese tech giant Tencent.

  In a new business deal Google just announced a patent cross-licensing agreement with Chinese.

Google Home Wi-Fi issues? No worries, Google has come up with a solution

Several Google Home and Chromecast users reported issues around their Wifi connectivity recently. This is.

Google is Getting Rid of it’s Chrome’s Parental Control Settings, Improved Replacement to Launch Later This Year

  If you’re a parent who monitors everything their children do on the internet then.